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NY Knicks Dishonesty: Concealing Lin injury until after ticket deadline passes

April 2, 2012

NY Knicks didn’t announce Jeremy Lin injury – a torn meniscus holding him out six weeks – until after the deadline to purchase NBA playoff tickets, according to Daily News. The NY Knicks point guard Lin sparked Linsanity and global headlines, and turned Knicks into cash cow by riding the Linsanity economic clout.

Wednesday, March 28 was a crucial day for Knicks because it represented the deadline for season- ticket holders to purchase all four rounds of the playoffs.

It was two days before the Wednesday deadline when Lin and the Knicks’ medical staff learned that Knicks’ cash cow point guard was suffering from a torn meniscus in his left knee and that he wouldn’t be playing anytime soon. MRI procedure last Monday revealed that Lin’s knee wasn’t just sore, but it is damaged.

On Friday in Atlanta, interim head coach Woodson told reporters truthfully the possibility of Lin’s “sore” knee injury being serious enough to keep the Knicks’ starting point guard sidelined for the remainder of the regular season.

But within one hour, the Knicks’ media relations staff released a statement to select media outlets bluntly contradicting Woodson’s statement. Suddenly, the Knicks’ position was that there was a chance Lin could play either Tuesday in Indiana or Thursday in Orlando. At that time the club had yet to announce the results of an MRI taken four days earlier; and Lin was leaning to go ahead with surgery.

It certainly made business sense for the organization to withhold medical information about its cash cow star. Jeremy Lin waited until Saturday before formally making the decision to have surgery to repair a meniscus tear in his left knee. He had surgery on Monday, the team announced, and is expected to be out for six weeks.

“Praise God for a successful surgery! Now on the road to recovery! Lets gooo. Much love to all the fans for your support and kind words,” Lin wrote on his Facebook page. Source: SmartInMoney.Posterous


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